Four Points from Four Walls - Presenting the interior of your property

As is important as the exteriors shining first impression is, it is just as important to keep your property high in the potential buyer's mind with the interior of the property. These are the points that are on the potential buyers list of things to consider, when inspecting your home:

Four Points from Four Walls - Our tips for tenants

Securing a rental property in todays market can be difficult, here are our top tips for tenants looking to make their application stand out above the rest!

Four Points from Four Walls - Renovating for Profit

When renovating for profit selecting the right house in the right location is paramount in making profit. Cosmetic renovations are what will yield you the highest profit, as such, when selecting a property follow the below points:

Four Points from Four Walls - Choosing your sales agent

Selling your home or investment property can be a very stressful and uncertain time, choosing a sales agent to help guide you through the process is so important! Here are our top tips for selecting a sales agent:

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Our Property Management Services

At Four Walls Realty we specialise in a wide range of property management services looking after residential, commercial, retail, and storage sheds, we even manage car parking in the CBD!