From the very first meeting with Aimee from Four Walls, we felt comfortable. The first property Aimee showed me was a little small for our needs, so after listening to my wish list, she suggested an alternative property. It turned out to be just what we'd been looking for. I remember walking through & my smile just getting bigger. She'd nailed it.

I can't thank her enough for her thoughtfulness & effort to help in any way she could. I walked away thinking, here's a young person dedicated to her profession, who thinks outside the box & is genuinely compassionate. A very rare find.

Joe & Joanne Caccaviello - Tenant



When we decided to leave our home and make the move to Gladstone things got chaotic and at times a little overwhelming, first we had to find somewhere to live, then someone to manage the house and not forgetting all the packing! Soon after deciding to employ Aimee as the property manager we knew we had made the right choice, she sorted everything for us so we could just focus on our new life. The property was rented quickly and not once has Aimee called us with a problem without first having a solution. Needless to say when she decided to make the move to Four Walls Rentals we decided to follow her. We have no hesitation in recommending her.

Miranda Fulcher - Landlord



Don, representing Four Walls approached me in late 2011 to quote on some upcoming developments. We quickly struck up a professional relationship, sharing and complimenting their vision of delivering quality homes at an affordable price.

It was evident from early on that Don and Susan take pride in their residential developments and are passionate about planning and building quality units that really consider how these homes will be furnished. Don and Susan have regularly emphasised their expectations around functionality, usability and quality.

It has been a pleasure to have Don and Susan as a repeat client as we share and promote their affordable quality outcomes and we are proud to build and deliver buildings that meet or exceed their expectations.

We have completed numerous projects on behalf of Four Walls over the past several years and look forward to delivering many more in the years to come. If you are considering a unit for your changing needs or investment then I would highly recommend you contact Don, Susan or Aimee.

JRZ Homes - Builder



We gave our rental property to Roz approximately 7 years ago and it was the best decision we could have made. Roz has been very professional the whole way along. She keeps us informed with regular phone calls and e-mails. We have been thrilled with the tenants Roz secured for us and our rental home has been kept in excellent condition throughout the management period. Roz informs us in a timely manner regarding repairs/maintenance and arranges for the works to be done.

We would  highly recommend Roz if you are considering a property manager for your investment property.

Paul Christensen & Karyn Miller - Landlords