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After over 3 years working for Four Walls Realty, I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working for the company. Don and Susan are fantastic bosses - they are understanding, compassionate and accommodating and their ongoing support is greatly appreciated. There is this amazingly positive staff culture within the Four Walls team which I will miss the most. If I wasn't leaving to pursue my passion, then I would've had many more happy years with Four Walls Realty. 
Grace - Worked as the Vacancy Manager

I have been working for Four Walls Realty for nearly three years now and one of the hardest things I have had to do is to hand in my resignation to leave.  I decided to retire due to my own health reasons and also for health reasons involving my family.  I believe I would have stayed at Four Walls for the rest of my working life if issues beyond my control had not occurred.  Don and Susan are wonderful employers who are supportive and approachable and who provide a workplace which is a comfortable and happy place to be.  Don has always said that what makes him happy is for him to walk in and hear his employees talking and laughing together which is something I have never experienced before in a workplace but is encouraged here.  Coming to work is a pleasant experience and one I will miss dearly. 
Over the years I have laughed and cried with Don and Susan, and their understanding and attention to each and every one of their employees is undeniable and heartfelt.  It is a workplace that really gets a lot of work done and I believe it is because we are all valued as individuals and because of that everyone strives to do their best.  I will miss Four Walls Realty and wish everyone the very best for the future, which I know is a very bright one.
Maree - Worked as a Property Manager

Having started with Four Walls in 2019, I can honestly say I’ve never once looked back. The team is supportive, driven and hardworking, all valuable aspects of this industry. There aren’t many people who can say they wake up eager for work, so I feel very lucky to be able to say that. Don, Susan and the team have always believed in me, allowing me to start at the bottom and work my way up, an opportunity that a lot of people don’t get to live. Four Walls Realty will always be a highlight of my career!
Shania – Routines & Maintenance Manager 


I started with Four Walls when Don purchased the Century 21 rent role and offered me a position within his company. Working amongst supportive management (Aimee & Mollie), I mentioned briefly that Property Management wasn’t my forever – 10 years did me good, and I was interested in furthering myself into a different field however having a strong passion in houses and property - I wasn’t sure what description job I was looking for. Don & Aimee came to me with a proposal of listing & selling property,  and still keeping communication with current landlords and tenants. I am thankful for Don offering me this proposal and having faith in me, Susan being a goddess in photography and capturing me on a good angle HAHA and Aimee for being the absolute MVP.
Danielle – Former Senior POD Manager. Now Sales Agent.  

Working with Four Walls Realty has levelled up my career within Real Estate. The continuous training, support, and attention has given me the opportunity to really understand and achieve my full working capacity to be the best Property Manager I am able to be. Don, Susan, and Aimee are amazing bosses who are extremely understanding and welcoming, they encourage an inclusive and fun culture which will never leave you not wanting to be at work. I am excited to continue working with a fantastic and motivating team.
Melissa – Senior POD Manager 

Since beginning my journey with the team at Four Walls, I have found it to be a fun hard-working, fast paced environment. The team is supportive, encouraging and kind. I am excited to excel and grow in my career here at Four Walls Realty. I am looking forward to seeing what the future brings as I have no doubt that there is more to come.
Georgia – Senior POD Manager