Patrick Logue

Patrick Logue

Sales Manager

0407 885 749

Patrick moved to Australia from Zimbabwe, Patrick was a policeman - he was in the BSAP for 7 years, that was mostly through the war years in what was then Rhodesia. After leaving the Police force, Patrick went to Gwebi Agricultural College as a mature age student. He was beginning to grow roses with a view to exporting, an exciting prospect for a country urgently needing foreign currency. He bought his own farm in 1986 and eventually had 3.5 hectares of roses in greenhouses, he and his family cut and packed them every day of the week, then sent them overseas by cargo plane and sold them on the Aalsmeer Auction floors in Holland.

He arrived in Australia in late December 2001 (he had investigated Bundaberg a few years prior, because the climate here is exactly the same as in Zimbabwe). Patrick has, for many years, been involved in the Macadamia industry, first as the Industry Development Officer and then as a procurement representative. He has also been involved as a business advisor and has helped more than 600 clients in his last job. He will be involved the world of sales for the first time, but he's taking to it like a duck to water, what he has in abundance is common sense and knows so many people in the area.

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